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  1. That part of the Earth, or other planet, that lie below the surface of its lakes, seas and oceans


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The Hydrospace is the world's first stand-up four-stroke jet ski, or personal watercraft. It was introduced in October 2005 by Hydrospace Inc. In 2007, Hydrospace Inc. changed their name to HSR-Benelli following the acquisition of Benelli Motori (related to, but unaffiliated with Benelli shotguns or Benelli motorcycles). The company originated in Pöchlarn, Austria, with US offices in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Hydrospace is a single-passenger stand-up watercraft which was designed primarily for racing. Until 2008, the only model offered was the "Hydrospace S4", with a retail price of around $15,000 USD.
The S4 is powered by a two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a displacement of 749cc, which is rated at 110 hp. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger from the factory. The S4 has a dry weight of 370 lbs. making it the second heaviest stand-up ever made, second only to Sea-doo's 3D which had a dry weight of 580 lbs.
Although touted as being the most advanced stand-up ever manufactured, the S4 has been plagued with problems. The S4 has had numerous recalls on various pieces of faulty equipment. The hulls are also known to be of very lightweight construction and will break under strenuous operating conditions. The control handles are constructed of carbon fiber, which is very brittle and known to break during operation – a serious safety concern. The throttle cable is also known to jam in the wide-open position, causing further safety concerns.
In 2008, the newly formed HSR-Benelli released new models of personal watercraft, including the first PWC powered by a V6. The Series-R Prestige and the Series-R Race Edition three-person PWCs are both are powered by V6s, rated at 278 and 342 horsepower, respectively.
2008 Model Line - S4 110 Horsepower - S4 Pro Edition - Series-S Pro Edition - Series-S Naked Edition - Series-S Race Edition - Series-R Naked Edition - Series-R Pro Edition - Series-R Prestige - Series-R Race Edition

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